Prometheus Books will publish National Immigration Forum Executive Director Ali Noorani's first book in April 2017! 

"Noorani goes beyond the rhetoric to examine all sides of the immigration debate…now more than ever, we must harness the resource of immigration to ensure America continues to be the most innovative and entrepreneurial nation. Noorani shows how we can adapt to changing demographics for the good of the nation, without giving in to fear."

-Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution, Author of The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future


                                      Marcos Aguinis

                                      Marcos Aguinis

La gesta del marrano, a meticulously researched work of historical fiction, is based on the real life of Francisco Maldonado da Silva, a respected, erudite physician in 17th century South America who refused to renounce his Jewish faith, and prevailed in countless debates against the Inquisitors who jailed him over a span of twelve years. Eventually the Inquisitors realized they could never break his spirit. He was burned at the stake, unrepentant, in the infamous Auto de fe in Lima in 1639. Suspenseful, entertaining, inspiring, and timely, this will be the first work of Argentinian bestselling author Marcos Aguinis to be published in English. First published in 1991, La gesta del marrano sold a million copies in Spanish and was translated into German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Portuguese.  


DREAMERS by Eileen Truax (Beacon Press, March 2015) got a wonderful review in The Socialist Worker! 

Here's a sampling of excellent reviews:

“Truax’s informative, engaging read provides a new perspective on this country’s ongoing immigration debate.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Compelling, honest, and personal, this is a  must-read for anyone interested in the immigration debate.”

“A forthright, moving piece of advocacy journalism.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Truax succeeds in conveying how a shadow status permeates the lives of all the young people profiled here, with education, employment opportunities, and essential social services severely limited or unavailable.”
Publishers Weekly

We recently sold SLAVES FOR PEANUTS by Jori Lewis to The New Press! A journalist based in Senegal, in her first book Lewis will explore the history of peanut cultivation in West Africa, and how its rise in the nineteenth century—to meet a growing demand for peanut oil used in making soap for Europeans with a new enthusiasm for bathing—served to prolong slavery in Africa into the early twentieth century. Lewis’ work has been featured on PRI’s The World, NPR’s “Marketplace,” “Nova Next” (PBS), and more.